Yes, Alex! I Want This.

Here's what I'm doing:
    1. I'm applying to talk to Alex Owolabi about becoming a client.

This is what I know will happen next.
  • Elizabeth from Alex's office will contact me to set up a time for me to talk to Alex personally.
  • Alex and I will mutually determine if this is right for me.
  • ​If I think Alex has wasted my time, he will give me a check of $200 because he's the real deal and doesn't screw around.
  • ​If we decide we are a good fit, I will become a client. I understand that the dues are $4,250 per month.
  • ​As a client, I'll be speaking with Alex and his team every 2 weeks.
  • ​I'll also get unlimited access to Alex and my fellow members through our private Facebook Group
  • ​Plus, I'll be meeting with Alex and my fellow members LIVE three times a year.
  • ​The SOLE PURPOSE of this relationship is for me to make more money in my business while delivering even greater value to my marketplace and having lots of fun in the process.
  • ​If, at any time, I want to leave the relationship, I can - and I will never be billed again.
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